BADMINTON RACKET Most current Selling price Listing AND COMPLETE


Athletics Pedia - the batsman is actually a tool that you ought to meet to Participate in lovely feather tangkis.Raket would support anda.Dalam video game badminton bats serve as a battering shuttlekok.Banyak significant organizations such as Yonex, Li Ning, Victor, Ashaway, Yehlex, Adidas, Carlthon , Wilson, Babolat plus much more.

Big enterprise, the badminton rackets patterns / badminton has the berbeda.Semua quality established cost and the cost bervariasi.Apabila kualitas.Setiap rack series you will be desirous to contain the racket too you first harganya.Apabila seek out your hard earned money is not really adequate you Save dulu.Dibawah I will give some price listing badminton rackets / badminton various comrades merek.Mari we glance together.


Badminton rackets / BADMNTON a variety of brands

Price tag Brands Badmintonschläger SCHLÄGER
Yonex Nanoray Z-Pace ​​Rp.two.600.000
Victor Meteor X7600 D Rp.527.000
Victor Brave Sword 1600 Rp.643.000
Yonex Nnanoray Tour ninety nine Rp.899.000
Yonex Voltric Tour 88 Rp.865,000
Astec Icon Super S 500 Rp.929.000
Astec Aero Lights 55 S Rp.803.000
Victor Thruster K sixty Rp.1.006.000
Flypower El Nino 10,400,000
Viktor Jetspeed Rp.two,900,000
Astec Aerotum 86 S
Victor Wrist Enhancer 140 New Rp.877,000
Astec AeroStorm Professional 80 ES Brown Gold Rp.1.350.000
Adidas File 300 Yellow Rp.899.000
Adidas Precision 880,000
Li-ning G-tek ninety eight II AYP J-156-1 Rp.315,000
Li-ning more-means hurricane seven-hundred Rp.759.000
Li-ning SS88-III Rp.380,000
Want JR-89 + STRING Rp.157.000
Wished-for Carbon-Fusiontec 900 Rp.212.000
Proteam Assault Rp.80,000
Flypower Karimata Rp.459.000
Samosir Flypower Rp.469,000
Flypower Extremely-Force C 5 File Rp.899,000

So bat a few of the selling price lists badminton / badminton from inexpensive to high-priced.Price up there is cheap plus some are dependent on the fabric highly-priced and no items kualitasnya.Ada dollars ... Please alter your website techniques prior to badminton rackets tersebut.Harga acquire the final, Which I merupakanharga the largest current on the net store have sketched the diinternet bat badminton.Semoga bermanfaat.Terima adore menjula

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